Category: Aerospace

Final Farewells

It’s time to say farewell to our Aerospace students. They had one final TA group meeting and a closing ceremony to look back […]

Design Competitions

The students’ hard work throughout the week culminated in different competitions today! They started with a rocket launch and gathered in the launch […]

Mars Mission

Students got to work on their presentation skills today by showcasing their projects to a panel of TAs that represented potential donors to […]

Project Development

Students spent the evening working in their groups to continue developing their final projects. They have been designing and researching the best ways […]

Leadership Session – Building Resilience

In their fourth leadership session with Big Dave, the students had discussions about resilience and empathy. They defined resilience as “growing despite adversity,” […]

Payload Delivery Systems

The AERO students spent the morning building payload delivery systems, AKA the classic egg drop. Each team came up with a unique design […]

Washington at Night

Tonight students got to go into D.C. and explore many of the monuments at the National Mall! They explored the WWII, Lincoln, MLK, […]

Wind Turbines

Today our Aerospace students took on windmills! They learned how to decide between cost-effectiveness and reliability by having to “purchase” the materials to […]

Guest Speaker – Lockheed Martin

This morning, the Aerospace students got to hear from David Brandt, the Manager of the Space Experience Center for the Space, Missile Defense […]

Joint Base Andrews

AERO students took a field trip today to the Air Force Joint Base Andrews! They listened to different engineers talk about the KC-135, […]