Category: Engineering Intensive

Departure Day

It’s been a fun-filled 18 days, but now it’s time to say farewell to our Engineering Intensive students. They had one final TA […]

Product Pitch Presentations

For the past two weeks, the Engineering Intensive students have been working in their groups to develop a product that would solve one […]

Wind Turbines

Today our Engineering students took on windmills! They learned how to decide between cost-effectiveness and reliability by having to “purchase” the materials to […]

Leadership Session – Increasing Influence

Engineering Intensive students had a leadership session with our Leadership Facilitator, Big Dave, making connections between the topics they had explored in their […]

Aircraft Carrier Launch

Students were tasked to build both a plane and a slingshot (to launch said rocket!), using cardboard, sticks, tape, rubber bands, and PVC […]


Engineering Intensive students put their Mechanical Engineering skills to the test today with trebuchets. They used PCV pipes, duct tape, and weights to […]

Sea Perch

Students had another competition this morning with their Sea Perch designs! Similar to their RC Cars last night, they created remote controlled boats […]

RC Cars

The students tested out their RC Cars that they have been building this past week! They had soldered a motor to their concoction […]

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Today the Engineering Intensive students went to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center! They listened to a presentation of the overall work that […]

Freezing Point Depression

Tonight the students put their knowledge of chemical engineering to the test by making their own tasty desserts! They used a mixture of […]