Category: Cybersecurity

Last Goodbyes

It’s time to say farewell to our Cybersecurity students. They had one final TA group meeting and a closing ceremony to look back […]

Capture the Flag Hacking Competition

In the last hoorah for our Cybersecurity students, they competed in their final Capture the Flag hacking activity. They worked in teams to […]

Case Studies

As a way of exploring the intricacies of the ethics of cybersecurity, the students took a look at previous real life examples. They […]

Cybersecurity Workshops

Today the students went through multiple rotations with hands-on activities to learn about different areas of cybersecurity. These included ethical hacking and using […]

Hacking the Internet of Things

Cyber students got a chance to put their hacking skills into real world scenarios! They hacked into Furbies, wifi routers, cameras, and pet […]

Guest Speakers from the White House

This morning the students got to hear from two workers from the White House’s Office of the National Cyber Director within the Executive […]

Networking Workshop

Tonight the Cyber students were introduced to the idea of how computers and devices are connected through networks. They learned some basics on […]

Cybersecurity Jeopardy

As a fun activity to reinforce and introduce topics that the Cybersecurity students have learned or will be learning soon, they participated in […]

Guest Speaker – Atlantic Council

Today we had Dr. Trey Herr, Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity and Policy at American University and Director of the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft […]

Social Engineering

In this social engineering meeting, students were introduced to different ways they can be “socially hacked”. Methods ranging from phishing emails to emotional […]