Category: Engineering

Saying Our Goodbyes

It’s time to say farewell to our Engineering students. They had one final TA group meeting and a closing ceremony to look back […]

College Panel

Tonight students got to sit down with their TAs and ask them all of their burning questions about college life! They heard personal […]

Engineering Competitions

The students had a full day today testing all of their projects that they have been working on! At the Sea Perch competition, […]


Trivia night, now in the afternoon! The engineering students got to take a little break in between building their final projects for a […]

Wind Turbines

Today our Engineering students took on windmills! They learned how to decide between cost-effectiveness and reliability by having to “purchase” the materials to […]

Engineering Rotations

The students went through more rotations today to get even more engineering experiences. One station focused on using the computer program OnShape to […]

Washington at Night

Tonight students got to go into D.C. and explore many of the monuments at the National Mall! They explored the WWII, Lincoln, MLK, […]

Aircraft Carrier Launch

Students were tasked to build both a plane and a slingshot (to launch said rocket!), using cardboard, sticks, tape, rubber bands, and PVC […]

Bridge Building

Groups were tasked with using popsicle sticks and hot glue to build structurally sound bridges. They each tried out different designs to be […]

Leadership Session – Listening & Communication

The students ended the night in a session with our Leadership Facilitator, Big Dave. They played a few rounds of Telephone, but then […]