Category: Engineering

Engineering S3 – Wasted Potential

Our Leadership Facilitator Chris Molina hosted a session with the students to show them the hidden networking opportunities amongst their peers. The goal […]

Engineering S3 – Toxic Island

This evening, our students participated in a simulation activity that involved problem-solving, building bridges, gondolas, ski lifts, and towers from scratch as they […]

Engineering S3 – Egg drop

Last evening, our students spent their time working on parachutes and coverings that should protect an egg if dropped from a height. This […]

Engineering S3 – Personality Matrix

Today, our students learned about their personality types and how to most effectively work with the other personalities with Leadership Facilitator Chris Molina. […]

Engineering S3 – Mousetrap Race cars

Today our students worked together to create functional race cars out of mousetraps and various other materials.   Click here for more photos! […]

Engineering S3 – Rotations

Today our students spent time in their groups learning about CAD, coding, and how to solder.   Click here for more photos!  

Engineering S3 – Opening Ceremony

This evening we officially welcomed our students here for the S3 Engineering program. Our students met our staff and TAs, Leadership Facilitator Chris […]

JHU Welcomes You To Session 3!

Today we welcome our students registered for the Aerospace S3 and Engineering S3 programs. We are looking forward to a fantastic 9 days […]