Month: June 2022

Aerospace S2 – Departure

Today was our very last day with our Aerospace Session 2 students! With a good speech from our PDs Mr. W and Ms. […]

Aerospace S2 – Balloon Cars And Wind Turbines Video

Aerospace S2 – Rocket Launch And The Design Challenge

Today the students went outside to the Hopkins Beach’ and launched the rockets that they had spent many hours developing. That evening, they […]

Aerospace S2 – Machine Language and Commitment In Action

Today our students practiced their ability to instruct a ‘machine’ (A.K.A our TAs) on how to perform certain tasks, where they experimented with […]

Aerospace S2 – Lockheed Martin and Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

Today, the students were visited by David Brandt, the manager of the Space Experience Center at Lockheed Martin. They had a chance to […]

Aerospace S2 – Wind Turbines, Aircraft Launch, and Personality Matrix

Over the past couple of days, the students spent time designing, testing, and building wind turbines and aircraft carriers that they showcased in […]

Mastering Leadership S2 – Recap Video

Aerospace S2 – Balloon Cars

The students utilized their recently learned skills in propulsion to build a car from scratch that uses balloons to propel itself.   Click […]

Mastering Leadership S2 – Saying Goodbye

Today, our second session of wonderful Mastering Leadership students went on their way back to their homes. We were so glad to have […]

Aerospace S2 – Rotations

Today the students did rotations in groups of 3 of CAD, soldering, and understanding the forces of flight, learning different skills in design, […]