Month: July 2023

College Panel

Tonight students got to sit down with their TAs and ask them all of their burning questions about college life! They heard personal […]

Design Competitions

The students’ hard work throughout the week culminated in different competitions today! They started with a rocket launch and gathered in the launch […]

Engineering Competitions

The students had a full day today testing all of their projects that they have been working on! At the Sea Perch competition, […]

Amazon Skills Center

Today the students took a field trip to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Skills Center in Arlington, Virginia! They got to hear from […]

Final Presentations

This morning DATA had their final presentations! All the students’ hard work this week culminated in this project, and they presented all of […]

Mars Mission

Students got to work on their presentation skills today by showcasing their projects to a panel of TAs that represented potential donors to […]

Project Development

Students spent the evening working in their groups to continue developing their final projects. They have been designing and researching the best ways […]

More Data Skills

Students finished their data rotations today so that everyone has gone through each workshop of data forecasting, error tracing, and presenting data. Now […]


Trivia night, now in the afternoon! The engineering students got to take a little break in between building their final projects for a […]

Data Security, Privacy, and Ethics

In one of today’s workshops, students discussed some of the intricacies that come along with data collection and analysis. They split into groups […]