Engineering S4 – Dr. Margaret Dominguez Video Blog

Aerospace S4 – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Today the students visited the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and watched an overview video on what happens at the center, presented by […]

Engineering S4 – Egg Drop

Today students spent their time working on parachutes and coverings that should protect an egg if dropped from a height. After creating their […]

Aerospace S4 – Machine Language

Today our students practiced their ability to instruct a ‘machine’ (A.K.A our TAs) on how to perform certain tasks, where they experimented with […]

Aerospace S4 – Wasted Potential

Our Leadership Facilitator Chris Molina hosted a session with the students to show them the hidden networking opportunities amongst their peers. The goal […]

Aerospace S4 – Wind Turbines

Today our students spent their time planning, designing, and constructing vertical and horizontal wind turbines, testing their speed and sturdiness with a table […]

Engineering S4 – Mousetrap Race Cars

Today our students worked together to create functional race cars out of mousetraps and various other materials.   Click here for more photos! […]

Engineering S4 – Lockheed Martin

The students had a chance to tour Lockheed Martin in Washington DC, a global aerospace, defense, and security company, where they learned about […]

Aerospace S4 – Balloon Cars & Dialogue and Discussion

Leadership Facilitator Chris Molina hosted a leadership session with the students about how warmth is a vital component of leadership, and how along […]

Engineering S4 – Baltimore Museum of Industry

Today our students took a trip to the Baltimore Industry Museum near Inner Harbour. Here they took a one-hour tour with the tour […]