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Aerospace S2 – JHU School of Engineering

Today the students went to the Johns Hopkins School of Engineering. They had a chance to take a look at and even use […]

Aerospace S2 – Arrival

Today we welcomed our second session of Aerospace students to campus! At our welcoming ceremony, our leadership facilitator Chris Molina and our program […]

Aerospace S1 – Recap Video

Aerospace S1 – The Closing Ceremony

On our very last day, our program director Alex Wittbrodt (Mr. W to the students) along with the rest of the Team Advisor […]

Aerospace S1 – What I Discovered

The students had their last session with Leadership Facilitator Chris Molina where they each stood up and talked about what they had discovered […]

Aerospace S1 – Rockets, Mars Mission, And A Design Competition

This morning, the students finally completed their rockets and launched them outside on the Johns Hopkins Beach. In the afternoon, the students gave […]

Aerospace S1 – Balloon Cars and Machine Learning

The students utilized their recently learned skills in propulsion to build a car from scratch that uses balloons to propel itself. In the […]

Aerospace S1 – Lockheed Martin and Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

The students had a chance to tour Lockheed Martin in Washington DC, a global aerospace, defense, and security company, where they learned about […]

Aerospace S1 – NASA Goddard and Wind Turbines

Today the students visited the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and watched an overview video on what happens at the center, presented by […]

Aerospace S1 – JHU School of Engineering and Aircraft Launching

Today, the students took a tour of the JHU School of Engineering and had a chance to use some of the machines. The […]