Category: Aerospace

Aerospace S3 – Rocket Launch

This afternoon, the TAs, PD, and students made their way to the Hopkins ‘Beach’ to launch the rockets that they spent their project […]

Aerospace S3 – Wasted Potential

Our Leadership Facilitator Chris Molina hosted a session with the students to show them the hidden networking opportunities amongst their peers. The goal […]

Aerospace S3 – Machine Language

Today our students practiced their ability to instruct a ‘machine’ (A.K.A our TAs) on how to perform certain tasks, where they experimented with […]

Engineering & Aerospace S3 – Lockheed Martin

This morning, our students attended a session with David Brandt, the manager of the Space Experience Center at Lockheed Martin. They had a […]

Aerospace S3 – Aircraft Carrier Launch

The students used PVC pipes, rubber bands, and other materials to design, create, and launch aircraft carriers which were judged by our TAs […]

Aerospace S3 – Wind Turbines Hands-On Video

Aerospace S3 – Wind Turbines

This evening our students spent their time planning, designing, and constructing vertical and horizontal wind turbines, testing their speed and sturdiness with a […]

Aerospace S3 – Propulsion and Personality Matrix

Today our students created mini rockets from matchsticks and launched them outside. Later, they learned about their personality types with Leadership Facilitator Chris […]

Aerospace S3 – Rotations

Today our students spent time in their groups learning about the forces of flight, coding, and how to solder.   Click here for […]

Aerospace S3 – Opening Ceremony

This evening our staff, Team Advisors, Leadership Facilitator Chris Molina, and Program Director Alex Wittbrodt, introduced themselves and explained the overview of the […]